Quality Sharpening Service

The Scissors Specialist Factory Equipped Expert Technician Friday & Saturday, May 26 & 27, 2017 10am-5pm Sewing, Beauty, Surgical Scissors Pinking Shears, Knives & Hand Tools Price starts at $2, repairs extra. Tell your friends and Neighbors! Location: Silk Road Textiles 6106 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45224 513-541-3700

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Purchase Derby Day Tickets by Check

With such success last year, we are once again using a new website to easily purchase and print tickets straight from your home. If, however, you are more comfortable paying by check rather than debit or credit card, you may fill out the following form and follow the included instructions to mail a check directly [...]

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Grand opening of CHCURC Office – Summer 2015

CHCURC looks forward to opening their office in 2015! Elaine Efkeman generously donated 1551 Marlowe Ave. (formerly Efkeman Dentist Office) to CHCURC. We intend to renovate it as CHCURC’s new office, with offices and meeting space to accommodate our growing needs. In particular, we’re working on a financial plan to [...]

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